Running Records in OneNote

Conducting Running Records allows teachers to assess and analyse students reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension skill level. They provide the evidence we need to set individual goals and monitor progress. Seeing the growth and development students make is easily recognisable when comparing Running Records as students progress through their schooling. Though, a frustration I have … Continue reading Running Records in OneNote

Preparing For The New School Year

Beginning a new school year is always an exciting time for teachers and students. As a teacher I am always looking for ways to engage and inspire my students from the first day, setting them up with a positive attitude and mindset for the year ahead.   Designing a classroom that students feel welcomed in … Continue reading Preparing For The New School Year

Google Edu On Air – Empowering Student Creativity

Designing lessons with G Suite’s collaborative tools can empower student creativity. Eleni will showcase how her teaching and learning pedagogy has been transformed by a range of Google apps allowing her students to collaborate, think critically and be creative across the curriculum. She will share her classroom workflow using G Suite to develop student voice, … Continue reading Google Edu On Air – Empowering Student Creativity

Learn Digital Podcast

I had the pleasure of chatting with Kim Maslin the host of the wonderful podcast Learn Digital to discus empowering student learning by Teaching with Technology. "In this episode, I speak with the incredibly accomplished Eleni Kyritsis. Eleni is a Primary School teacher from Melbourne, Australia who is the host of the TeachTechPlay web show and conference, as well … Continue reading Learn Digital Podcast

Connecting with Teachers on Instagram

Instagram has long been a social media platform used by teachers to connect and share the wonderful teaching and learning happening in classrooms all around the world. Just as Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ bring teachers together, Instagram allows teachers to capture and share images of their classroom inspiring others with ideas, resources, and motivation to … Continue reading Connecting with Teachers on Instagram

5 P’s for a Positive Digital Footprint Board Game

Empowering students to make positive decisions online is critical to their development. To support this I display the 5 P’s for a Positive Digital Footprint image I created in my class, referring to this regularly during the school year. Displaying this image is a great first step to drive discussion and support the digital citizenship … Continue reading 5 P’s for a Positive Digital Footprint Board Game

Connecting Classrooms

I have always been passionate about connecting my students learning to the wider community and an authentic audience. Technology enables us to transform our teaching and learning with endless possibilities, one of these being collaborating with classrooms and students all around the world. There are many wonderful opportunities teachers can design for students to share … Continue reading Connecting Classrooms

2016 Reflection

2016 saw me complete my 5th year of teaching. This in itself was an achievement with statistics showing many teachers leave the education profession before they have reached this mini-milestone. This year I taught Year 6 for the third time and continued to develop my teaching practice. I am privileged to be able to learn … Continue reading 2016 Reflection

Google Education on Air Presentation

I was privileged to be selected to present during the #GoogleEduonAir global professional learning event. This free, online conference brought educators together from around the world to share and learn together. I presented 'Unleashing Creativity in the Classroom'. We want students to connect, communicate, collaborate and think critically. Eleni will share examples of this … Continue reading Google Education on Air Presentation

Sphero’s in the Classroom

  Article written for Education Today Term 3 2016 Vol 16 (3) As teachers we need to provide our students with opportunities to learn how to learn, supporting them to find and solve problems. Our role involves developing learners for many jobs that are yet to exist. The critical question we must ask as educators … Continue reading Sphero’s in the Classroom