About Me

Eleni is an award winning teacher with a passion for sharing her creative lesson ideas to enhance teaching and learning around the world. Eleni has been recognised for her outstanding contribution and support of the education community by being awarded the 2017 ACCE Australian Educator of the Year and the 2016 DLTV Victorian Educator of the Year. She is a Google Certified Innovator & Trainer, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, Apple Teacher and Hapara Certified Educator. Eleni has been honoured by the opportunity to facilitate keynote presentations and professional learning workshops across the globe.

My Educational Philosophy

Teaching in the 21st Century requires teachers to be flexible and versatile in providing students with a range of tools to support their learning. Today’s classrooms are not just about the learning that occurs within the classroom, but also when teachers flatten the walls and connect students learning to wider communities, giving student learning an authentic purpose and meaning. The learning environment should be built around positive relationships where each child feels safe, valued and respected. Teaching enables me to continue to build upon my knowledge and skills everyday. It creates memories for both my students and myself that last a lifetime.