Bloxels Builder in the Classroom

Bloxels is a fantastic platform that allows students to be creators of their own games. Using the free Bloxels Builder app or the physical Gameboard, students use their creativity to design a character and game.

The 13 x 13 Bloxels Builder grid is the template students use to develop their ideas. With eight coloured blocks that each represent a different function within the game, students arrange these on their grid to create terrain, hazards, water, coins, and checkpoints for their character to move through.

Students arrange the coloured blocks on the Bloxels Gameboard to represent the features of their game. Once they complete their design, they take a photo through the Bloxels Builder App that transfers their design into a digital representation.

Even if you do not have a Bloxels Gameboard, the free Bloxels Builder App allows students’ to design their game on a mobile device.

When students complete their game designs, whether on the Gameboard or within the App, they then decorate their design in the Bloxels Builder App, creating backgrounds, characters and animated features to personalise their game to suit their creativity.

Bloxels EDU

By purchasing a Bloxels Builder Classroom Pack, you gain access to the Bloxels EDU online portal. This enables teachers to create accounts and classes for their students with the ability to;

  • teachers can view all student creations.
  • teachers can give feedback and comment on student creations.
  • students can collaborate with other students on their game design
  • students can share their games privately within the class for other students to play.

How can Bloxels be used in the classroom?

Bloxels allows teachers to provide engaging learning experiences for their students that can be integrated authentically across the curriculum.
Here are some ways I use Bloxels Builder in my classroom:


Area and perimeter

  • Students design their own character, measuring its Area & Perimeter


  • Students ensure their character design is symmetrical


  • Each coloured block can be given a different monetary value. Students calculate the total value of their design


  • Students calculate the number of each coloured blocks they use in their overall design, and for their character as a fraction


Creative story writing

  • Students use the Bloxels Builder white block, which allows them to tell a story through each level of their game.

I have developed a range of Bloxels Builder templates that can support your lesson design, and make student learning visible, these can be found on my TpT.

How are you using Bloxels Builder in your classroom?

Eleni Kyritsis is an award winning Year 3 Teacher and Leader of Curriculum & Innovation from Melbourne, Australia. Eleni facilitates professional learning workshops around the world that focus on unleashing creativity and curiosity in classrooms

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    • Robin
    • January 10, 2019

    Have you used Bloxels in your classroom without access to the classroom platform? I have kits that I purchased separately because it was less expensive to do it that way and I was purchasing them for my classroom with my own money. Hoping i did not make a mistake???

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