Bloxels Builder in the Classroom

Bloxels is a fantastic platform that allows students to be creators of their own games. Using the free Bloxels Builder app or the physical Gameboard, students use their creativity to design a character and game. The 13 x 13 Bloxels Builder grid is the template students use to develop their ideas. With eight coloured blocks … Continue reading Bloxels Builder in the Classroom

Using Google Tour Creator in the Classroom

Since its launch in 2015, my students have loved immersing themselves in locations all around the world with Google Expeditions. From exploring the International Space Station, to the Great Barrier Reef, Madagascar, Machu Picchu, and many other attractions, students have been able to deepen their understandings of our units of inquiry by experiencing these wonderful … Continue reading Using Google Tour Creator in the Classroom

Unleash Creativity & Curiosity in your Classrooms

If you have been following my journey over the past years you will be well aware that I am passionate about creating learning experiences for my students that unleash their creativity and curiosity. I believe these key elements empower students to take ownership of their learning by constructing meaning and understanding of our units of … Continue reading Unleash Creativity & Curiosity in your Classrooms

Teaching Binary by Creating Bracelets

The Digital Technologies curriculum includes the teaching of binary code to our students.Β This can be quite daunting for many classroom teachers with limited understanding of binary, but it doesn’t have to be. Binary Code is a way of representing information using the binary digits 0 and 1 to represent a letter, digit, or other character … Continue reading Teaching Binary by Creating Bracelets