Does the Device Matter

Does the Device Matter? The are many different devices being implemented into classrooms all around the world. With schools using PC’s, Laptops, Macbooks, iPads, Chromebooks, and Netbooks to move further towards 21st Century Contemporary Learning environments I am often asked the question “What devices should my school purchase?” I immediately stop the conversation before any … Continue reading Does the Device Matter

5P’s for a Positive Digital Footprint

Teachers and students learning together in 21st century classrooms are capable of achieving great things. Devices allow students to connect, communicate and collaborate online and publish their work for a global audience. Any content published online will begin to create a digital footprint for each individual. As educators, we need to ensure we model and … Continue reading 5P’s for a Positive Digital Footprint

Feedback through Google Forms

Earlier in the year I was asked to write an article for ACEL (Australian Council for Educational Leaders) looking at how I use Google Forms in the classroom. Article below or click this link Feedback allows teachers and students to continually learn, develop and improve their practice. John Hattie’s research into the theory of Visible … Continue reading Feedback through Google Forms

The Transition to PYP

The transition to a new school is exciting, challenging, and so rewarding at the same time. After the first three years of my career at a Catholic Primary School I made the move to an Independent Girls International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) School at the beginning of the 2015 school year. Arriving at … Continue reading The Transition to PYP

My 12 Month Journey

Reflecting on my professional learning and development as an educator over the past year I can confidently say I achieved a lot in a short period of time. In September of 2013, I attended the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Melbourne Summit. At this point in time I had no idea what the conference entailed … Continue reading My 12 Month Journey

Genius Hour

Genius Hour is becoming a staple in many classrooms around the world. It allows students to take ownership of their learning and to work passionately on projects of their choice. Passion Projects and 80-20 Time are two other names that are commonly used to describe Genius Hour. The implementation of 80-20 Time in Google’s offices … Continue reading Genius Hour

Connecting the classroom to the wider community.

A major aspect of 21st Century Learning is connecting the classroom to the wider community. It is about flattening the classroom walls to allow authentic meaning learning take place. Some ways my class connects to the wider school community include: Class Blog Class Twitter Account Skype Google Hangout Class Blog: Every 21st Century classroom should … Continue reading Connecting the classroom to the wider community.

QR Codes in the classroom.

QR Codes are a fantastic tool to use in the classroom. QR Codes are abbreviated from Quick Response Code. They are a 2D barcode that can have a website, text, video, email address, voice thread and many others features embedded into the code. I begun using QR Codes to help students to reflect on their … Continue reading QR Codes in the classroom.

1:1 Chromebooks in Year 6

Today's 21st Century Classroom requires a range of integrated technology tools to support student learning. This year in my classroom I am fortunate enough to have 1:1 Chromebooks. Chromebooks are a fantastic device for use in education. If your school is embedding Google Apps for Education (GAFE)  into the curriculum, Chromebooks complement this learning pedagogy fantastically. … Continue reading 1:1 Chromebooks in Year 6

Google Apps for Education

Last year I was lucky enough to attend the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Summit in Melbourne. Previous to attending this conference I had heard great things about the power of Google Apps but had yet try these out for myself. After two days at this wonderful conference I was overwhelmed at what GAFE could … Continue reading Google Apps for Education