QR Codes in the classroom.

QR Codes are a fantastic tool to use in the classroom. QR Codes are abbreviated from Quick Response Code. They are a 2D barcode that can have a website, text, video, email address, voice thread and many others features embedded into the code.
I begun using QR Codes to help students to reflect on their learning. Many of us have set questions that we use to help students develop the skills to reflect on lessons. These questions can lose their appeal for both students and teachers as everyone knows what question is coming next. That’s when I decided to make these QR Cubes where students simply role the cube, scan the code and are given a question where they reflect on their learning, the lesson or the teacher. Reflection Cube Template
These cubes enlightened me to the potential of using QR Codes in the classroom. The excitement and buzz of students wanting to scan the code showed their engagement. I have continued to explore other ways to use them within my classroom including;

  • Twitter
  • Class Blogs
  • Student Blogs
  • Adventure Races
  • Maths Answers

Below is a presentation that I presented at Teachmeet Melbourne (27/03/2014). It reflects some ways I have used QR Codes in my teaching practice.
[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/1xnQaERWrdWZccOT7b-P1ukNFLmR7BOmAaUfebARVrCI/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”480″ height=”299″ /]
There are so many different ways you can use QR Codes in the classroom. It really is endless and all up to your imagination what you can create with them!
What are some other ways you have used this wonderful tool in the classroom?

Eleni Kyritsis is an award winning Year 3 Teacher and Leader of Curriculum & innovation from Melbourne, Australia. Eleni facilitates professional learning workshops around the world that focus on unleashing creativity and curiosity in classrooms.

Eleni Kyritsis is an award winning Year 3 Teacher and Leader of Curriculum & Innovation from Melbourne, Australia. Eleni facilitates professional learning workshops around the world that focus on unleashing creativity and curiosity in classrooms

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    • Obie
    • December 1, 2016

    What is the reading cube?? I am looking at ways to make reading more interactive for a bunch of Thai students

    • I made the reading cube where the QR code linked to different online texts I wanted my students to read.

    • Carolyn
    • September 30, 2016

    I’ve used QR codes to link to a survey for parents and students at the beginning of the year. I like your cube concept. Does it grow old over time? I also appreciate your suggestion of linking the QR Code to a audio or video recording. I’ve used aurasma before, but it often takes a long time to upload and is sometimes finicky. QR Codes would simplify that project. Thanks for the ideas and the slideshow.

  2. Thank you for this resource. We are starting to use Seesaw in our school and I will be encouraging classes to use this to promote student reflection.

    • Sophi Fisher
    • August 20, 2016

    ❤️ Your cteativity. Eleni it’s great to see teachers stepping out, being innovative and using. 21st century skills. 👍

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  4. I have used them as links to google forms with a pre assessment test at the start of a math unit to try and understand what students already know and what they need to know.

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  6. Eleni, you are so creative. I love the way you integrate technology into your day to day learning. I am going to borrow the cube idea if you don’t mind. 🙂

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